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j + v // may 7th, 2016

i don’t always cry at weddings. okay, maybe i do… but i usually don’t cry multiple times at the same wedding. but when jason (the strong, centered man i have grown to love and respect over the years) broke down i couldn’t help myself.

this day was full of special moments, but my favorite was a private gift exchange right before the ceremony. jason and val met outside the church hidden from one another around the corner of the building. fighting back the tears they read the letters aloud and thats when i lost it. i realized just how much these two people mean to each other, how much they depend on one another, and how committed they are to becoming a family. as they held hands around that corner professing their promises, there was a love that exuded out of them that i don’t think my camera captured, but i felt it.

thanks for always being an inspiration jason. i wish nothing but the best for you and val. based off the love and support you have for one another i know you are going to be incredible parents. i am thankful that our lives ran parallel for all these years and i am excited to see where this new road takes you. i hope that as the ink fades on the paper of those letters, your love only grows stronger.

here are a few images from your wedding day. i hope these make you smile.

moments. brief, fleeting, everchanging. they come along, and then they are gone.

recently i had the opportunity to travel to cabo san lucas to photograph the wedding of two people who i now consider my friends. i spent six days in mexico with 40 people who travelled from all over the united states to spend the week celebrating the love of erin and paul.

the group was incredible. everyday we would all mosey down to whatever section of the pool we decided to take over for the afternoon. together we danced, sang, did water aerobics, played volleyball, got sunburned, drank too many  bahamamamas, played ping-pong (by the way ricky, i want a rematch). it was truly an incredible week and the group was so welcoming to me that i felt like part of the family.

by the time the wedding day arrived i was already a part of the group. i knew mostly everyone by name. i was comfortable enough to poke fun at the guys when they got a bit disorderly or to sweet talk the girls when i needed them to wear their beauty a bit more confidently. and because of that comfort level, i was able to both participate in and capture real, authentic moments throughout the day.

we created space for moments to be experienced, we experienced them together, and it was beautiful.

i enjoyed every minute of the six days i spent with erin, paul, and their family and friends. thank you for being so welcoming to me, allowing me to share this week with you guys and capture these images and many more. love you guys.

here are a few of my favorite moments from erin and paul’s wedding.

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